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My adult child was facing many challenges and was not able to communicate with me what was going on.  I felt lost as to how to help him.  I had his natal chart put together by Carly.  

To say I was blown away by the results is an understatement.  In this chart, I was able to put to words and concepts what my son was exhibiting.  It helped me to approach the situation with more empathy and understanding.

- Lois K

You will benefit from consulting with Carly about your birth chart's complicated picture of your innermost gifts & challenges. Having a professional guide you when you need it can help you avoid mistakes & get to "know yourself" more intimately. Carly is wise, intuitive, straightforward, fun to be with & gifted at the art & craft of Astrology!

- Paula Quertermous, Astrologer

Carly is a magician. I’ve been working with her a little over a year now, and I am amazed over and over again by her accuracy and ability to make every reading feel so personal! Her energy level is fantastic and she helps me feel supported through the intuitive guidance she provides. She keeps it real and helps me navigate life through astrology. She gives great detail as well, all while keeping it at a level even a beginner can understand.

- Erica Giles

I loved my experience with Carly! Her personality is fire & her intuitive abilities are the icing on the cake. Carly gave me validation, reassurance and permission in areas of my life that I couldn't access or give to myself alone. I've referred back to my reading time & time again. She really is intuitive astrology for everyone.

-Amanda Mossing

All I can say is wow. I personally have been digging into astrology a little in the last year. Though my husband & kids are skeptics! I bought readings for the whole family & was amazed at what comes up on each individuals chart! The personalities, the belly aches, the history & how it all rolls into the future...amazing. Carly is just real, easy to learn from & made this experience wonderful for every single one of us. We learned so much about our family dynamics & our personal journeys. She is officially my "go to"!

- Jennifer Bullock

I found Carly through a friend and started following her Instagram account: Carly on the Daily. I absolutely love her daily posts on what is going on with astrology! She delivers in a way that is intelligent, witty and relatable.  

I booked a Natal Chart Reading with her for next month and I'm excited to learn more! Her website, Astro Alignment, is amazing and it was so easy to book. She also responded right away and my communication with Carly has been personalized and friendly. 

- Ali Long

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